Creating a New Page

Creating a web page in WordPress, and even including it in the main navigation menu, is really easy.

We’re going to start off creating a simple page with some text, paying attention to formatting the contents of the page according to what they mean to the page, not just manually adding styles.


  1. Create a new page using your first and last name as the page title.
  2. Type (or copy/paste) some text into the body of the page. If you are typing the text versus copying it from somewhere else, try to divide your page logically, using headings and paragraphs.
  3. If you choose to copy text from somewhere else and paste it into your page, you may want to use one of the special paste buttons. The Paste as Text button helps if you need to simplify things, and remove the previous formatting (no matter where you’re pasting from). If you’re pasting from Word, and want the text to stay formatted as it was before, use the Paste From Word button to remove the extra coding that only makes sense to Word.

Really stuck? Copy the text below and use the Paste as Text button to paste it into your page.

  1. Highlight the text
  2. Hold down the CTRL key and tap the letter C (for copy) and release both buttons
  3. Click on the Paste as Text button, The Paste as Text button
  4. Click in the blank space in the Paste as Text popup.
  5. Hold down CTRL and tap V (for vPaste? I don’t know who chose the letter v.)
  6. Practice formatting the text, using the “Format” drop-down box to mark headings and paragraphs.

My thoughts about WordPress

At first, I didn’t know why we should use WordPress for our websites. Then, after I started working with WordPress, I found that there actually were some big advantages to it.

No more special software

I actually like Dreamweaver, but it’s getting both overly complicated and expensive. I can edit my WordPress sites from any browser, anywhere.

Lots of people can work on the site

Since WordPress already manages the users that can edit a site, it’s easy for multiple people to work on a site, each one using their own login. This doesn’t require a lot of extra dteps to manage access to edit the site.

Cool new features!

There are lots of cool things that other people have figured out how to do in WordPress, and I can easily reuse those things. From Plugins to Widgets, there are lots of pre-packaged features I can add with very little effort.

Remember: All pages created on this WordPress Training site during this class will be deleted after the class.

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