Resources for Beginners

If you’d like to download the handouts used in this course, we’ve linked them here, as well as some sites that might interest you as you delve into WordPress.


WordPress for Beginners handout

Other Sites

The Codex
While this site includes documentation for every aspect of WordPress, including very advanced topics, look for:

as some good places for information about how to get going in WordPress.

Conferences and Workshops

We would of course love for you to come back to another PDC-organized session on WordPress, but there are also plenty of workshops and conferences that include sessions designed for people just like you, who are starting out in WordPress, and really just want to know how to easily add content to the site.

WordCamp Central
This site lists all of the WordCamp conferences around the globe. Typically, the nearest one to use is WordCamp Raleigh, but there are lots of others that have been good, too.
WordCamps are brief (usually two to two and a half days), very inexpensive (around $30-$50 to register), and include sessions designed for people who want to just add content all the way to people who want to program add-ons for WordPress. These can be a great place to meet other people dealing with the same questions and issues as you, get some tips on how to do more of the things you want to do with your site, and even meet some of the people working on WordPress itself. (This can be a great opportunity to say “would you mind making it easier to XYZ?”)